Allison Dorr Kleis has split her time between marketing and politics for the last eighteen years.

In 1997, fresh out of college, Allison went to work in the marketing department for the largest real estate company in the state. In 1999 she focused her marketing skills on then Texas Governor George W. Bush’s Iowa Caucus Campaign, serving as manager of his Iowa office, and assisting with scheduling and advance for his Iowa visits. From there, she went on to serve as the Marketing Director for the largest independently owned real estate company in Iowa.

After the caucus victory, and working with some wonderful mentors, in 2001, Allison was asked to serve as an aide to the Iowa House Majority Leader at the Statehouse. There, she continued to work for the Republican leadership until late 2008. During this time, she spent much of her free time helping House candidates get elected to the Legislature.

Weaving her experience in marketing, real estate and politics, Allison brings her expertise in these industries to Global Marketing & Direct Mail. She enjoys helping clients develop and implement a comprehensive plan to achieve their marketing goals and fulfill their printing and mail needs.

Allison is a graduate of Iowa State University, and lives with her husband, Karlton Kleis, and their three children in Grimes, Iowa.